We Fight For People Who Work For A Living

We represent labor unions, individual workers, managers and executives in legal disputes of all kinds with employers.

From Workplaces To Courtrooms, We Fight For Ohio Workers

Some of the hardest-working people in the world live here in Ohio: nurses, teachers, plumbers, cable TV installers, software developers, firefighters and many others. Unfortunately, they sometimes find themselves in disputes with employers over issues such as pay, benefits and working conditions.

At Bennett P. Allen, LLC, in Cincinnati, we put our passion and experience to work every day fighting for hard-working individuals just like you. When southwest Ohio and northern Kentucky employers violate our clients’ rights, we fight back for proper treatment and for the compensation and benefits they have earned. We are devoted to securing positive results and making sure that employers are held accountable for their misdeeds.

Representing Clients Across Southwest Ohio And Northern Kentucky

Union Representation

ERISA And Employee Benefits

Wage, Hour And Overtime Disputes

Class-Action Representation

Discrimination And Workplace Disputes

Other Areas Of Practice

Representing And Advising Labor Unions

We are proud to represent labor unions in collective bargaining negotiations and arbitrations of grievances. Our labor law attorneys also represent craft unions, industry unions and public employee unions in U.S. Department of Labor investigations and hearings before the National Labor Relations Board.

We also advise unions on contract negotiations and matters involving membership, elections, bylaws and government interactions.

In addition, our law firm represents unions in complex Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) matters such as compliance, disputes and administration. Our skilled lawyers also represent workers, union staff plans and others in disability claims, insurance benefits denials and related employee ERISA disputes.

We also represent union members and other employees in class-action lawsuits involving employee benefits, wages, hours, overtime and discrimination.

Representing CEOs, Managers And Executives

The attorneys of Bennett P. Allen, LLC, also have extensive experience representing CEOs, managers and other executives in contract negotiations as well as negotiations over compensation, severance packages and benefits.

We also have extensive experience handling and resolving matters concerning noncompete agreements on behalf of CEOs and other members of management who are often required to sign such documents before their hiring is formalized. We understand the real-world consequences of noncompetes and actively guide our clients to help them understand to what they are agreeing.

Representing Veterans, Veterans Affairs And Federal Employees

In addition to representing and advising labor unions and employees in Ohio, we also handle overtime and premium pay issues for veterans, the Veterans Administration and federal employees.

We have in-depth knowledge of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and, as such, we are well-equipped to advise our clients on their exemption status and their rights to overtime and various types of premium pay, as well as on how to identify and correct discrepancies and violations when they arise.