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These are the core values that drive us.

Attorneys Fighting For Workers And Labor Unions In Southwest Ohio And Northern Kentucky

This is our life’s work. We fight for workers across southwest Ohio and northern Kentucky, believing that we do well when doing good. That is, our employment and labor law firm succeeds when we help workers and labor unions stand up and fight for their rights, their compensation and their benefits.

We want to help you do more than fight, however. We want to help you prevail. For more than 30 years, the attorneys and support staff in the Cincinnati offices of Bennett P. Allen, LLC, have proudly stood with working men and women.

We represent workers in disputes with employers over critical matters such as health benefits and long-term disability, knowing that these issues are crucial not only to the well-being and recovery of the worker, but also to his or her family.

Bennett P. Allen, LLC is dedicated to the principle that we do well by doing good.

Our skilled employment law lawyers are also proud to stand by unions representing workers in private industry and unions that protect workers in civil service. We also represent federal employees, veterans and the Veterans Administration in pay disputes. We offer guidance to unions in contract negotiations, arbitration and government hearings, and representation to unions in collective bargaining, sexual harassment and discrimination claims, National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) hearings, ERISA disputes and all other legal matters.

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Workers in disputes over wages, hours and overtime and other employees’ rights disagreements with employers know us for client-focused service and results-driven approach. Labor unions know us for our effective advocacy in negotiations, hearings and in litigation.

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