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A Law Firm Fighting For Public Employee Unions

Public sector unions are one of the foundations upon which this nation was built. The unions face unprecedented challenges today from politicians pushing anti-union agendas and from lobbyists protecting corporate interests.

The need for effective, vigorous legal representation is greater than ever for public employee unions. Skilled, experienced labor law and employment attorneys understand today’s challenges and anticipate those coming tomorrow.

From our Cincinnati offices, the lawyers of Bennett P. Allen, LLC, represent public sector unions and employees in all legal matters across Southwest Ohio and northern Kentucky.

Rock-Solid Representation And Sound Advice

Some of the most difficult and complex negotiations are between government bodies and public sector unions. Sometimes grandstanding politicians and other figures insert themselves into the collective bargaining process, complicating matters for all involved. These situations call for calm, skilled negotiators with a deep understanding of the law and a record of helping unions achieve desired outcomes.

For more than three decades, our skilled attorneys have provided legal services to public employee unions, representing people from all walks of life, including teachers and other public school employees, police officers, firefighters and many others. We stand by public employees and their right to union representation.

Bennett P. Allen, LLC, provides representation and advice to civil service unions and workers in matters spanning the legal spectrum, including the following:

  • Collective bargaining: Our attorneys have extensive experience representing unions in contract negotiations that include wages, benefits, pensions, working conditions, seniority, tenure and more.
  • Arbitration hearings: We protect the rights and interests of unions and workers in arbitration.
  • National Labor Relations Board hearings: We represent clients in NLRB inquiries.
  • Department of Labor hearings: We advise and represent clients on DOL compliance matters.
  • ERISA matters: We assist unions with Employment Retirement Income Security Act disputes, plan administration and more.
  • Civil litigation: We represent public employee labor unions in lawsuits.

Like you, we see national, state and local politicians trying to fix government ailments on the backs of public employee unions. We know public sector unions are in a fight every single day to protect their members, their rights, their compensation and their benefits. We are ready to stand by you in battles you face today and those coming tomorrow.

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If you would like to learn more about our union representation services, please call us toll-free at 888-339-0443 or locally at 513-878-1799 to schedule a consultation with one of our highly skilled employment law attorneys. You can also contact us online. We serve unions in Cincinnati and across southwest Ohio and northern Kentucky.