Justice. Fairness. Dignity. Respect.

These are the core values that drive us.

A Law Firm For Working People

Our law firm has over the years built a reputation of being effective advocates for working people. We represent individual employees in disputes with employers, and we also represent and advise labor unions in negotiations and litigation. We also bring class-action lawsuits on behalf of workers against employers, pension plans, benefits programs and others.

At Bennett P. Allen, LLC, we don’t take on these cases because they are easy wins. We do it because it is the right thing to do. When working people get justice in our court system, and receive fair treatment and compensation from employers, it strengthens Cincinnati and the communities of southwest Ohio and northern Kentucky, making them better places for all of us to live and to raise our children.

Knowledge And Experience Working For You

We put our more than three decades of experience and intricate knowledge of labor law and employment law into every case for every client. Our lawyers are skilled negotiators who have repeatedly obtained favorable results for clients in negotiations, arbitration and mediation. But they are also aggressive litigators who will fight for you in court.

Our legal services include the following:

We stand by the principle that we do well by doing good.

At Bennett P. Allen, LLC, our attorneys find justice for working people at the negotiating table, in workplaces, boardrooms and courtrooms.

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Call us to discuss the details of your situation. You can reach us toll free at 888-339-0443 or locally at 513-878-1799. You can also contact us online.