Justice. Fairness. Dignity. Respect.

These are the core values that drive us.

A Look At Our Law Firm

When an individual employee is treated unfairly in the workplace, there must be a place where they can go to right that wrong. When a worker is denied benefits and compensation they have earned, there must be a way to fix that injustice. When labor unions are hampered in their good efforts to negotiate contracts, wages and benefits or otherwise protect their members, someone has to stand up for them.

The Cincinnati law firm of Bennett P. Allen, LLC has for more than three decades been helping individual workers and labor unions right wrongs, obtain deserved compensation and benefits and find justice in the workplace and courtroom. We firmly believe that we do well by doing good, which is why we fight for the working people of southwest Ohio and northern Kentucky.

We are a labor and employment law firm dedicated to providing exceptional representation and legal advice to labor unions, employees, benefits plans and workers in class-action litigation. We also proudly represent veterans, the Veterans Administration and federal employees who require assistance resolving overtime and premium pay matters.

We Believe In Employees’ Rights

Our firm is dedicated to the belief that workers have the right to organize and to bargain collectively. We believe labor union members have the right to strike, and that members have the simultaneous desire to work hard to provide for themselves and their loved ones.

Bennett P. Allen, LLC, believes that employers should pay minimum wage, overtime and other benefits according to labor law.

We also believe that workplaces should be free of discrimination based on factors such as gender, race, religion and disability, and that workers who file complaints about unlawful behavior should be safe from retaliation.

In addition, it is our belief that when a company makes promises to its executives and managers, those guaranteed wages and benefits should be paid in full.

We also believe that when the rights of working people have been violated or their earned compensation denied, that class actions should be undertaken.

There is no doubt that some of our beliefs in fairness, justice and delivering on promises are old school and not shared by all. Regardless, we hold to these principles and look forward to putting them into action for you. Our lawyers have deep knowledge of Ohio employment law and are experienced in negotiations, arbitration, mediation and litigation. The process of protecting your rights and interests begins with a phone call.

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