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We Defend Workers When Employers Deprive Wages And Overtime

There are many ways that employers deprive employees of wages, hours and pay. If you are engaged in a wage, hour or pay dispute with your employer, seek an attorney’s help in resolving the matter. Bennett P. Allen, LLC, has worked with clients in Ohio.

Experience Handling All Types Of Cases

At Bennett P. Allen, LLC, our attorneys use nearly 100 years of experience to represent employees in wage and hour disputes. We handle a broad spectrum of matters, including unpaid leave, unpaid overtime and wage theft. Regardless of the challenges you face, we can help you with:

  • Improper classification: If you are entitled to overtime pay and have been misclassified intentionally – labeled an exempt employee when you are actually a nonexempt employee – your employer has essentially stolen your pay; you could bring a wage and hour dispute claim to protect your rights.
  • Improper classification as an independent contractor: Many businesses mislabel employees as “independent contractors” to avoid paying them the wages and benefits they deserve. If you have been wrongly labeled as an independent contractor, we can help resolve disputes.
  • Wage theft: Wage theft is a constantly changing area of law. It occurs when an employer uses deceit or other unlawful ways to deprive you of money you have rightfully earned. Wage theft occurs frequently throughout the country, and some of the most common victims are illegal immigrants. You should not face going without wages because you fear deportation. Federal law protects you.

Misclassification almost never happens to just one employee. There may be dozens or even hundreds of people in your same situation across the United States. Our law firm handles these cases on a national basis and has the resources to handle large and complex lawsuits on a nationwide scale. We handle these collective action lawsuits effectively and efficiently for our clients.

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